The Iovine Group operates, throughout the national territory, providing SMEs with advanced services management consulting (DRIVING). The company's goal is to support enterprises in their evolutionary path of economic growth, financial and cultural. The training programs, (often) with the formula of training on the job, focus on the improvement of internal business processes (communication and organization) and external (marketing and corporate finance).

The company, which has obtained the quality certification ISO 9001:2008, is accredited by the ministry of the Italian justice for the implementation of training courses to Civil Mediators Professionals. In addition Grouppo Iovine organizes training courses International within the framework of bilateral programs and Community mobility, aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals, students and workers. The company has a division specialized in the field of the SOA (Enterprise Qualification for participation in public procurement) to which is connected the area dedicated to quality certification and environmental certification in addition to job security.

Iovine Group is present since 2009 in Salerno Confindustria and September 2011, the director, Dr. Luke Iovine, has joined the management committee of the Youth Group with the aim to follow programs of territorial diffusion of enterprise culture. Iovine Group Ltd has evolved following the indications of the market and today looks like a one-stop shop for all your business needs, thanks to a staff of professionals specialized in different fields of consulting and training. The company prepares for companies personalized interventions with the aim of optimizing the use of internal resources and improve performance, one step at a time, according to the financial needs of each individual, including through public funds.With the experience accumulated in the field Group Iovine has enabled hundreds of companies to solve their own problems and start down the path of development. Invest in yourself and in the ones we love is the only investment that we have made, and is often the only investment that we recommend to our customers to address: INVEST IN YOURSELF!
The company and more like the human body is a complex organism made up of many parts: administration, production, warehouse, storage, finance, marketing, sales, security, etc.. Each of them needs to be trained to correct exercise and harmonized to the other just as the body of an athlete.Management Training is a method of work aimed at improving the performance of individual business units through a process of analysis and monitoring, which provides a regular exercise (training) played through innovative methods, which provide a continuous mentoring activities.

The company's quality, however, depends on the quality of the work of the people who make up the structure. Improve business performance requires first an improvement of its human resources and their way of working.Our professionals are involved in company with the purpose of enhancing the individuality in an environment inspired by the international quality standards. This is, of course, a gradual path that can be facilitated through a shared system of incentives for productivity.

As happens to a trainer for his athletes to work on a farm means working on the motivations of its employees.The aim of organizational management training is to transfer culture and entrepreneurial spirit have on human resources for employees able to plan their work and to monitor, independently and responsibly performance.This result is undoubtedly not easy, it also aims to promote the role of guide and coordinate the direction too often forced to deal with the activity-routine omitting those with higher added value.
Working as ensuring adequate standards of customer service is a crucial competitive edge and, in some areas, is a pre-requisite to enter the market.The recognition of the fact that the company or the agency has achieved and implemented a quality management system to ISO 9000 inspired testimony outside the effectiveness of its structure and the validity of the choices made. This implies an increase of credibility with customers, local communities, the banks and insurance companies, and institutions.The ISO 9000 standards are in fact a management tool to help companies to pursue qualitàche is the company's ability to achieve its objectives.The ISO 9000:2000 is the standard international character known and most widely accepted as the benchmark certify a quality management system (QMS). The success of ISO 9000 has been such as to affect the same legislative activities at national, eg. on HACCP AND SAFETY AT WORK.

Quality certification in Italy has had a significant extent due to public procurement rules. In the construction sector, in particular, the Presidential Decree 34/2000, shall apply to construction companies that want to participate in public tenders over a billion old lire that, from 1 January 2003 they have the quality certificate ISO 9000.While SOA is issued solely on the basis of the historical record company and therefore on the basis of what it has already done, the quality certificate is issued following an inspection of the company's organizational capacity of the system and therefore on its future prospects.The Quality System is the set of resources, means, rules and activities put in place to produce quality products that meet the needs and demands of customers.The compliance with ISO provides almost always targets.The effectiveness depends on concrete programs that allow you to do things in an orderly, agreed and default, ensuring uniformity and standardization in time.Any activity within the company is, in fact, planned, documented and kept up to date, because nothing "is left to chance." It is, in essence, the practical application of what is commonly meant by organization.Implement a system of quality management means to activate an organizational system focused on preventing errors that allows, through a cycle of prevention / correction / improvement of:

• maintain, through the prevention and reduction of defects, a certain level of quality in the provision of services (technical adequacy of resources, waiting times, speed of execution of transactions, security of premises);
• support companies in a process of constant improvement in the quality of the service offered to the customer.

The implementation of a quality system is an operation of the organization, programs and goals.In the implementation of the quality system involves three parties:

• the enterprise;
• The consulting firm that assists companies in preparing the quality system;
• the certification body that verifies compliance with the ISO 9000 standards.

According to the definition given by ISO 8402 series certification is the process by which a third party, that is independent from the stakeholders (business and consulting firm) certify that the company is compliant with the standard.The quality certificate is issued upon completion of tests, carried out in the field, which are defined visits. As for ISO 9000 certification, there are three types of visits: visit documentary, second visit, maintenance visit.Visit The documentary is the first visit of the certification which at this stage plays a verification that only relates to the accuracy and completeness of required documents. By the second visit, the inspection evaluates the practical application of ISO as it has been described in the literature business.If you visit Second visit and document are successful the entity issuing the certification of quality. Respect for the principles of ISO, however, is periodically verified by the inspection visits with the maintenance (or surveillance visits). Every 12 months, the certification body verifies that the organization may or may not preserve the quality certification. The certification body, in fact, when they are not achieved its objectives can not confirm the quality certification and withdraw the certificate of conformity.
The "GRUPPO IOVINE" (GPI) was founded in 2005 with the aim to support SMEs in the field of education and training. The members of staff have knowledge in English and Italian, are involved in national teams, have higher education or professional degrees and skills in the implementation of International and national projects, including cross-cultural training, as Lifelong Learning Programme

GPI organizes placements for professionals and trainees in the framework of bilateral and EU mobility programs for young people throughout national and international projects. We prapare, arrange and cooperate on projects, doing both receiving and hosting traines.

GPI also organizes industry-specific delegation visits in Italy and abroad. The industry and the professions of the participants of each group depend on the target group and project contents: industry, craft, building, chimical, agriculture, Fields of tourism, IT, web design, events organisation, wellness, nursery, engineering, green economy, marketing, environmental protection, youth work, elderly care, archaeology, librarian or any other. We are capable to find just the right placement, thanks to our strong, reliable and professional partner network.We design special, tailor made projects for the different European Union programmes: we provide our participants with innovative language course, culture professional preparations; mentoring and monitoring during the entire project; arrangement of the accommodation; 24hour support and much more.Over the years the GPI built a network of national and international partners. Together we promote European collaboration to disseminate and valorize the results of our mutual cooperation.
Iovine Group Mission is to support the mobility participants to achieve their personal and professional goals.We develop an innovative ap¬proach to activities: BEFORE candidates start the mobility programme and AFTER they complete their mobility experience.

Our programs combine language training and practical experiences of a very high standard, with the aim of improving the professional qualifications of young people. We understand how important it is to help students acquire an enterprising spirit. Our participants are encouraged to improve their ability to adapt themselves to new cultures and most of all to insert themselves in the labour market. During the Internship placement, the tutor will visit the participants in the companies and help them to solve eventual problems. At the end of the programme a final report will be made using the information from Language course, the company and the tutor.

The abroad intermediary organisation will prepare several meetings with the participants in order to supervise the trainings progress. During the stay there will be several Evaluations and Informal Meetings, where the participants are having the possibility to get to know participants from al lover the world.The activity of SENDING ORGANIZATION is carried out with the support of an international network of professional organisations. Host families and SMEs bilateral chambers abroad, Chamber of Commerce and trade associations belong to the network.
We are specialized in Mobility Programmes for student and people on the la¬bour market (employed or unemployed) and organise work experience in an enteprise or working organisation in Italy. We or¬ganise programmes for students and recent graduates from different schools who come to Italia for work experience for a certain period of time. We arrange work placement for partici¬pants based on their interests, educational background, work experience and English language skills. We also provide accom-modation, language, cultural and work preparations and assign them a mentor, which helps trainee with their integration in the new environment.

We truly believe that the best way to organize quality work placement which matches participant’s interests lies in dis¬covering individual’s potential and setting up the scene for its development. Therefore, we offer a complete set of services which include:

• Arranging work placements, accommodation, language training courses.
• Personal and work preparation of participants, cultural programme, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation.
• Issuing certificates, airport transfers, 24 hours support.

There are countless possibilities for mobility in Italia, depending firstly on your needs, desires and fields of interest and secondly, on your knowledge, skills and motivation. The number of new graduates the partners intend to send will be agreed upon according to the actual demand and opportunities of each partner during the contractual period of the project. Salerno in Italia is an ideal place for a mobility project realisation. It is a beautiful city. Festivals and diverse activities are taking part during the whole year.

Italia is a country with a great historical and natural heritage that offers many outdoor and indoor activities. And more, Salerno has an ideal location for travelling – you are on the sea and you can easily reach historic and famous cities (Capri, Pompei, Amalfi, Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Venezia), forests and alps.Together we will do our outmost to promote European collaboration and agree to the dissemination and valorisation of results during the forthcoming period of mutual cooperation.



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